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GK Apprenticeships are proud to be working in partnership with Generation!

GK Apprenticeships
  • Date: 12 March, 2021

Who are Generation?

Generation are an independent non-profit founded in 2015 with a dual mission to support those facing barriers to employment, whilst also helping employers find the entry-level staff they need to grow their organisation. Since launch Generation has grown rapidly to support over 40,000 people into work so far, across 14 countries. That has been partly-enabled by significant support from funders such as McKinsey&Co, Blackrock, Verizon, and many more, including the UK government. Learners on tech programmes in the UK have been c.35% female so far, and c.70% from BAME communities.

In the UK Generation have a big focus on the technology sector, delivering 4-12 week IT Training bootcamps.

These enable individuals to gain strong foundational learning across a growing portfolio of programmes including:

  • AWS re/Start programme; 12-week bootcamp run in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and the Prince’s Trust. Covering IT Fundamentals, Programming basics and preparation for AWS Cloud Certification
  • Data Engineering; 12-week bootcamp run in collaboration with Infinity Works covering Database Fundamentals, Programming Languages and Methodology
  • Tech Talent Accelerator; 6-week bootcamp, building core IT and coding skills, purpose designed to feed people onto the Level 4 Software Engineering apprenticeship standard

Why Partner?

Both GK Apprenticeships and Generation understand the impact of Digital skills; lack of availability will negatively impact the UK economy.

Our Goals

  • Provide Generation graduates a route to employment via apprenticeships.
  • Provide employers access to entry level candidates whom are ‘job ready’, driven and passionate about tech.
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