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What's an Apprenticeship?

Put simply an apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain real work experience and qualifications that will provide you with an excellent foundation for your career or continue your professional development.

If you are starting on your career, you will find from day one that you will be working alongside experienced staff, gaining job-specific skills and knowledge. Apprenticeships offer an exciting and worthwhile alternative to going to university as well as a great way to progress in your current career – don’t forget you can always use an apprenticeship to help make a career transition.

As a result of Apprenticeship reforms new Apprenticeship Standards have been introduced, and these standards are starting to replace the old Apprenticeship Frameworks. Frameworks and Standards are likely to continue to be delivered side by side until 2020, the sector you chose to work in will determine whether you will be working towards an Apprenticeship Framework or one of the new Standards.

The new Apprenticeship Standards have been developed by employers and are job related so that the skills and knowledge you will gain will be valued by employers.
But, you have us to help you navigate through all of this… so just drop us a call or an email and we will be more than happy to talk you through everything. 
Apprenticeships vary in length depending on the level you are studying but programmes usually last somewhere between 12 months and three years. 

Good to know

As an apprentice, you will be entitled to at least 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays and will be paid at least the National Minimum wage or National Living Wage if you are over 25.

Don’t forget, you are also entitled to buy the NUS apprentice Extra card. This is a discount card for UK apprentices, you get a wide range of in-store and online discounts. 

The current rates are for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage are:


25 and over

21 to 24 

18 to 20

 Under 18


April 2017

£7.50  £7.05
£5.60  £4.05

On the first year of your apprenticeship, you will be entitled to the Apprenticeship rate. If you are over 19, you will be entitled to the rate for your age after you have completed the first year of your apprenticeship.

A third of all Apprentices receive a promotion within a year of finishing their apprenticeship, and  in a lifetime can earn £150,00 more than peers who don’t undertake an apprenticeship.  Government research shows the majority of apprentices (85%) stay in employment – with 64% staying with the same employer.  

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