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As one of the leading IT & Digital apprenticeship providers, GKA offer a wide range of programmes to help build your career with your next employer and support you on your apprenticeship journey. If you don't see a vacancy that is suitable or within your geographical area, to register with ourselves please submit your CV below.

We shall add your CV to the GK Apprenticeships Talent Pool, and then contact you as new apprenticeships are added. We also advise that you keep your CV updated with us, as you may become applicable for higher level apprenticeships as your experience improves.

We do however recommend that you keep checking our Vacancies page regularly, as we are constantly adding new apprenticeships.

We have split our CV talent pool into 5 areas. Please send your CV to us using the maps as a guide for the relevant areas you would like us to focus our search. These are just general guides, with locations pointed out to help guide the general areas we will search for you, the maps do not include every area we search. If you're unsure which map you'd fall into, pick one which looks the closest and we can tailor the search with more specificitiy after we get in contact with you.

Please fill out as much as you can, and give us any additional relevant information as it will only improve your chances of getting an apprenticeship. We can only use the information you provide us.

The GK Apprenticeships CV Pool Maps

GKA Northern Area

GKA Midlands Area

GKA London Area

GKA South East Area

GKA South West Area

If you're looking to create your own apprenticeship as an employer, we encourage you to contact in one of two other ways. Either find and select the apprenticeship which you're interested in starting through our family apprenticeships page, or contact us via our contact page.
If you're looking for careers within GK Apprenticeships, please check here for updated vacancies.

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