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Telephone Interview Tips

Make yourself familiar with the job description and company you are applying for? Ask yourself is this something I really want to do? If so, why do I want to do it? 

Have a copy of the job description close to you so you can refer to it, it’s also handy to write notes on, and perhaps questions you might want to ask later.

Practice your interview skills – especially around providing examples of a time when you have communicated well, shown excellent customer service, etc. – relating to the type of apprenticeship you are applying for.

Think of some examples of situations you have been involved in, and what happened – this prepares you for the interview questions.

Ask a family member or someone you trust to put you through a mock interview if possible

Make sure you are in a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed and can be heard clearly

Make sure you have enough battery power on your phone to complete the interview, and avoid the possibility of the call cutting out

Write notes if you think it will help you remember things you might to use in your interview, i.e. experiences, etc

Make a note of any questions you might want to ask after the interview has concluded 

Try not to be too nervous, speak slowly – don’t waffle, try and make your answers clear and concise – remember the interviewer is willing you to do well



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