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Online Testing and Assessments

You could be invited to take part in Online Testing – make sure you complete this assessment in the timescale given.  If not, it may result in being chased or you may be deselected

Take time out in a quiet area, where you can concentrate and complete the tests

*If you experience any problems with the online testing site, make sure you contact the company at the earliest opportunity so they can solve any problems*


Assessment centre

You could also be invited to attend an Assessment centre, this can be a full of half day event where you showcase who you are.  You need to perform to your best ability, how you perform today will decide whether you are offered an apprenticeship or not. 

Make sure you know where the location of the Assessment centre will be held

Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the arrival time. 

Plan your journey - Make sure you can get there with sufficient spare time, perhaps drive the route beforehand, check which buses or trains you need to catch in order to reach the location


Dress smart, however you don’t need to rush out and buy a suit, but if you have one then consider wearing it. Whatever you choose to wear make sure you appear smart. 

  • Suggestions, are smart trousers or skirt, smart shirt, tie, smart shoes, NOT JEANS OR TRAINERS. 

Make sure you have all the right paperwork with you – this includes

  • Qualification certificates
  • Right to work 
  • Passport
  • Full A4 Birth certificate
  • Driving licence if you have one
  • National Insurance Number – your NI card, or P45, P46, or payslip, or letter from HM Revenue & Customs, Dept. of Work and Pensions 

Assessments will include a combination of exercises which differ from employer to employer but as a rule include, group tasks, individual tasks, numerical and literacy testing and an interview

When you arrive, 10 minutes early, take the opportunity to talk to the other candidates there, or as they arrive – get to know each other, it will make for a better assessment for you and them as you will work better together in groups

When taking part in any of the group tasks make sure you get fully involved 


Talk loudly and clearly for the observers to hear you – if they can’t hear you, they can’t score you, and if they can’t score you then you may not be successful, but make sure you remain respectful at all times

Remember to be polite, and courteous to all 

Be careful of the language you use, whilst completing tasks, but also whilst waiting.  Observers will be watching you at all times



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