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Face-to-Face Interviews

We’ve already prepared for the telephone interview, so similar guidance for the face to face interview can be used however - extra preparation will be needed. 

The interview will be conducted by the employers, and their interview questions are chosen by them. Go prepared with examples of things you have done in the past as you may not be told beforehand the questions you will be asked. 

Have two or three relevant questions to ask, and don’t ask about salary or holiday.  You will know what the salary and holiday entitlement will be from the beginning as it will have been disclosed in the advert.  These questions do not normally go down well with potential employers.  But instead think of things you might want to know about the future.

Try not to be too nervous, shake the interviewers hand, good eye contact, speak slowly – don’t waffle, try and make your answers clear and concise. 

Always use an example of when YOU did something. Make sure it tells people how you did it. It is up to you to prove you can do it, it is not enough to say you can do it. 

If it is easier – think of it a STAR

Situation  - What was the situation? Was it home? Work? School? Sport? 
Task What was the task / job you had to complete, 
Action How did you complete the task, how did you plan it, how did you go about getting the task done.
Result What was the result? How did it end? What would you do differently if it were to happen again?

Before you head off for an interview or assessment, stop and check you have the following: 

1. Do I have my qualification certificates?
2. Do I have my driving licence?
3. Do I have my passport?
4. Do I have my Birth Certificate?
5. Do I have my National Insurance number?
6. Do I know what buses or trains I need to catch?  Do I know what times they are?
7. Am I dressed appropriately?
8. Have I got my questions for the interview?


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