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What we do and more importantly how we do it

First of all, we do a lot of listening. We want to know what you are looking for in an apprenticeship programme because no-one knows your business better than you do.  Our aim is to use our expertise to build an apprenticeship programme with you, from your initial thoughts and through every step until you have a programme which matches your skills requirements and uses the best possible ways of delivering all elements of the Apprenticeships. We develop long term partnerships with our clients so that we can deliver and adapt their programmes as their businesses change. 

Whether we look at Apprenticeship Frameworks or Standards, Level 3 Programmes or Degree Apprenticeships – our approach remains the same.  We start with a full understanding of what your business is looking to achieve and work from there.  If the programme isn’t aligned to wider business objectives and plans, it becomes harder to manage internally for you and operates alongside the business rather than within it. 

Your apprenticeships will be unique.  With individual training programmes - all completely based around your business needs and aspirations.
We have built an unrivalled reputation amongst organisations for the delivery of high quality and award winning apprenticeship programmes.


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