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Technology Provider Apprenticeships

Not only are leading technology providers pledging their commitment to training the next generation of IT workers, but they have also developed their own apprenticeship frameworks to help fix the skills shortage in the tech sector. 

A recent survey* published an analysis of tech jobs and predicted 1.7 million new tech roles will be created over the next 10 years. In our ever-changing nation, we recognise the need to have people with a mix of skills to do jobs that have not even been considered yet. (*Source: The Tech Partnership survey). 

Both businesses and candidates can benefit from IT technology apprenticeships; whether through paid work-placements or access to high-calibre, subsidised talent. All of this backed by a range of recognised training courses, complete with full IT certification in some of the most in-demand disciplines.

GK Apprenticeships provide a number of technology provider apprenticeship programmes including AWS, CompTIA and Microsoft.

AWS Apprenticeships

CompTIA Apprenticeships

Microsoft Apprenticeships

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