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Microsoft Apprenticeships

The skills gap is a more widespread issue than most may first think, as the positions left open require a certain level of interpersonal skill and problem-solving prowess that is not easy to teach. However, a lack of IT professionals can lead to serious business risk down the line.

Having CompTIA apprenticeship programmes in place can help support your business and workforce strategies. Apprenticeships are also an effective route for young adults who are looking to improve their chances of employment as well as up-skilling existing employees.

Did you know?

The Cybersecurity workforce gap is predicted to reach 1.8 million by 2022. A 20% increase compared to last year (*Source: CompTIA research report). 

Although IT and cybersecurity are feeling the brunt of the skills gap, marketing (86%), sales/business development (83%), operations (82%), customer service (74%) and accounting/finance (73%) all are too, according to the study.

GK Apprenticeships provide a number of CompTIA-specific apprenticeship programmes including:


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