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IBM Apprenticeship Programmes

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Organisations are collecting terabytes of data in hopes of finding correlations and connections that drive sales. They are likely handling more data than ever; managing files, documents, images, PDFs, videos, and all kinds of other data. With such explosive growth of unstructured data and ever-increasing demands of governmental compliance rules and regulations, an effective, flexible and cost-efficient data storage strategy is crucial.

Having IBM apprenticeship programmes in place can help support your business and workforce strategies. Apprenticeships are also an effective route for young adults who are looking to improve their chances of employment as well as up-skilling existing employees.

GK Apprenticeships provide a number of IBM-specific apprenticeship programmes to support the following job roles:

Data Analyst
Data Manager
Data Scientist
Data Modeller
Data Architect
Data Engineer

Did you know? 

Only 23% of organisations assessed have an enterprise-wide Big Data strategy. (Source: IBM Big Data Hub Survey). 

294 billion emails sent every day
Over 1 billion Google searches every day
Trillions of sensors monitor, track and communicate with each other, populating the Internet of Things (IoT) with real-time data.


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