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Access free of charge talent with Cybersecurity, Software Development & Data Analysis

Free of charge access to pre-trained talent in cyber security, software development and data analysis

West Midlands has a rapidly escalating need for IT Technical Skills especially in the areas of Cyber Security, Software Development and Data Analytics. 

As a result we have teamed up with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to deliver a series of  skills bootcamps (Cyber, Data and Software focused) free of charge to high potential learners who are keen to transfer into the world of IT.

This talent pool will be trained and available from late March and will have been trained by Skillsoft Global Knowledge – the world’s largest IT Technical training provider.  They will then be available for tech job roles in and around the West Midlands area at no recruitment cost to you. 

You have the option to bring them in as a full-time employee or indeed bring them in as an accelerated apprentice where we will train them in advanced Cyber, Data or Software skills - funded through the Government’s apprenticeship levy/non-levy schemes.

We are now engaging with employers to enable early access to this exciting talent pool – there is no obligation to offer employment – all we ask is that you interview them for a vacancy you may have allowing you the option to select the best of those entrants looking to get into an IT career.

If this is of interest please reply to this e-mail and we’ll set up a briefing call with you to explain more.

Global Knowledge Skillsoft


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