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Attraction, Recruitment and Selection

To start a recruitment service with us, you will need to supply us with a Job Description, and a PO (Purchase Order) for the Premium service.

As part of the on-boarding process you will work with us to assess your apprentices’ existing knowledge and agree a training plan to align with the required duties of the selected Apprenticeship Standard.

If you haven’t already, your company will need to create an employer account on the apprenticeship service to access funding.

Attraction, Recruitment and Selection

Considering starting an apprentice in your business?

Since May 2015, Apprenticeships can now be applied to employees of any age. An Apprenticeship therefore enables career-starters, plus up-skillers and re-skillers to enrol and close the skills gap.

Apprenticeships are suitable for people at any level so you can hire someone new or upskill an existing employer.

We provide a comprehensive consultation with one of our regional business development managers who will discuss your role requirements and will help you find the most appropriate apprenticeship Standard.

Recruit your apprentice

If you’re not upskilling an existing member of your team, you’ll need to advertise your apprenticeship opportunity.

The Attraction, Recruitment and Selection process is crucial to the success of any apprenticeship programme, so does require an investment in both time and effort to ensure you get the best possible recruitment, retention and performance outcomes over the long term.

We would recommend a multi-stage process that focuses on enabling candidates to demonstrate their experience and behaviour traits.  We also recommend that the process is open and transparent, promotes equality and diversity and complies with all current employment law and best practice. This will initially include an attraction campaign that will identify suitable potential candidates for your apprenticeship vacancy.

You can fully manage your own advertising and interview process, or you can engage us to help with either our free or premium service.

Recruitment Services

GKA Free Recruitment Service

  • Supply us with a Job Description

  • Advert quality and accessibility check with RAG rating

  • Job posted on .Gov and GKA Website

  • All applications / CVs sent directly to you to sift / screen / undertake interview process and manage feedback  

GKA Recruitment Service £775 + Vat

  • Dedicated Business Development & Recruitment Manager throughout the process

  • Supply us with a Job Description to which we expand on and take to market

  • Advert quality and accessibility check with RAG rating

  • Job post on .Gov & GKA website.

  • Sponsored adverts on selected mainstream job boards as well as social media.

  • Potential access to IT/Digital Skills bootcamp graduates

  • We work to a recommended Service Level Agreement – 3 strong candidate CVs within 10 working days of roles going live

  • Proactive headhunting of suitable candidates in extensive tech candidate database

  • Profile screening and eligibility check on all applicants

  • Initial interview screening of candidates who meet the requirements

  • Shortlisted CVs/ profiles sent to client accompanied by pen portraits

  • Candidates booked in and prepped for interview

  • Offers and feedback managed

(*2-for-1 offer: GKA will offer 2 recruited positions for the price of one so long as the role, location and start date are the same. For example 1 position = £775; 2 positions = £775; 3 positions = £1550)

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