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Outward Bound

The Outward Bound is an opportunity available via an exclusive partnership with GK Apprenticeships. It is an outdoor practical character-building learning opportunity; it focuses on sharpening our apprentices workplace behaviour. Our mission is to reinforce strengths and pinpoint key areas of improvement which are applicable throughout their work-life. We achieve this through team-based challenges, practical problem-solving, and hard work. 

The goals and objectives of the Outward Bound programme are as follows:

•  Develop an understanding of positive workplace behaviours in-line with behavioural matrix’s attached to the individual’s apprenticeship.

•  Create an action plan to take forward into the workplace relating to personal behaviours.

This fun, action-packed, team building and educational experience is supported by an educational charity, who help people defy limitations through learning and adventures in the wild.


Apprentices will need to arrive on the 1st day by 14:00 and leaving on the 4th day by 13:00. 
Course accommodation for the three nights is £150 + VAT per learner.

All sustenance is included in the course cost. This does not include anything purchased whilst travelling to and from the course, (this also does not include alcohol).

NB: All travel and accommodation costs will need to be funded by the employer and therefore it is the employer’s decision to take advantage of this incorporated learning solution. Other methods are available upon request; however, they will not offer your apprentice the same experience.


For more information, you can contact us via the various methods listed here.

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