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Outward Bound

Delivering the most effective programme, means looking at each element of the Apprenticeship and finding innovative and creative ways of engaging the Learners through each step of the Apprenticeship journey and delivering a programme with the most positive and long-lasting impact as possible.

GKA regularly engages with other organisations who are leading-edge in their respective fields including the Outward Bound Trust to deliver fully immersive programmes.  A tailored Outward Bound apprentice programme is designed around the key behaviours you're looking to instil within your Apprenticeship Programmes. In doing so, we support our clients to achieve long-term business gains, such as:

  • See improvements in retention 
  • Make significant time savings 
  • Reduce your workplace risks
  • See improvements in productivity or profitability 

Having worked with the Outward Bound on various programmes in our 12 year history, the programmes are mapped to deliver the behaviours and PLTS contained with Apprenticeship Standards and Frameworks.

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