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GKA Exchange

GKA Exchange is an employer platform that encourages constructive dialogue between passionate individuals who are at the very heart of apprenticeship strategy, decision-making, management and development. It provides an opportunity to hear relevant perspectives from the world of business, academia and public policy on a range of contemporary issues in the world of apprenticeships.

Significant value is realised by sharing opinions and ideas on key topics, along with the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from organisations facing similar challenges, thereby providing an impetus for collaboration.

Furthermore, there is an underlying theme around creativity and innovation which flavours all GKA EXCHANGE sessions.

Some of the guiding principles of GKA Exchange include:

  • GKA Exchange is by personal invitation to past, current and future clients 
  • The aspiration is to grow GKA Exchange membership by membership recommendation
  • We meet three times a year
  • There are no minutes and all discussions are confidential
  •  Topics highlight issues facing organisations, apprenticeship professionals and learners, with GKA Exchange members influencing agendas

Think this could be for you? 

Then please contact us on 01672 861073 or email for further information.

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