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Attraction, Recruitment and Selection

Attraction, Recruitment and Selection is a multi-staged process and is crucial to the success of any apprenticeship programme, where a considerable investment in both time and money is required

This investment into a programme is particularly important when organisations are recruiting small numbers into bespoke areas of their business, as any leavers or non-completers can have significant impact upon business performance.

In our experience, the standard model that most organisations have for Attraction, Recruitment and Selection requires modification when recruiting at this age level, in order that candidates are able to demonstrate their experience and behaviours.

We would recommend a multi-stage process that is open and transparent, promotes equality and diversity and comply with all current employment law and best practice. This is a focused attraction campaign that will identify suitable potential candidates for the apprenticeship programme.

What We Offer



Premium Lite

Client Face to Face Scoping meeting - help us understand your organisation and what you need

Review our internal candidate pool

Post Job vacancy on various jobs boards, social media outlets and local schools and colleges

Weekly calls to update you on the campaign

Candidates to undertake verbal and numerical assessments to make sure they meet your requirements

We will carry out telephone interviews, this will also allow us to get to know the candidates qualities and their abilities for the role

We will help design an assessment day for your company

Run the bespoke assessment centre event

We will make verbal offers before handing over the full candidate packs to you

We will ensure that all successful candidates stay motivated and excited about joining your organisation

Review the campaign against original goals and celebrate our joints successes

Comprehensive Data Analysis to be provided


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