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L4 Associate Project Manager

Job Profile

Projects can be defined and delivered within different contexts, across diverse industry sectors. They can be large or small. Every project needs to be managed to ensure its success, An associate project manager knows what needs to be achieved, how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost, and works with the project team to achieve the required outcomes. Associate project managers need good planning, organisation, leadership, management and communication skills. An associate project manager utilises resources with suitable skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge to work together in a motivated and integrated team, with clearly defined reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and authorities. Dependent upon the size of the organisations and the complexity of projects, associate project managers’ job titles will vary, but typically they can include: assistant project manager, junior project manager, project team leader. Some organisations use ‘project manager’ as a generic job title.


The APM PMQ qualification is scheduled over a 14 month period within the L4 Associate Project Manager programme (refer to the Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship Pathway)

There are four full-day face-to-face workshops delivering the core knowledge required from the APM PMQ qualification, which are complemented by a series of 10 x 90 mins webinars.

The workshops deliver the knowledge required in the core APM PMQ syllabus. They are delivered in an interactive manner facilitating group discussion and sharing, featuring practical exercises and sample exam questions.

The webinars consolidate knowledge and provide learners with the opportunity to share practice among participating companies and ask further questions.  All workshops and webinars are recorded and available to learners immediately following the respective session.

After each webinar learners are encouraged to complete typical exam questions which provide a gauge for both knowledge acquisition as well as, and arguably more importantly, familiarising themselves with and developing APM PMQ examination technique.

Learners are provided with the e-learning resources and are directed to review relevant sections of these resources prior to workshops and webinars.  The e-learning resources can be used alongside their workshop and webinar notes for consolidation and revision.  Learners are also provided with the APM PMQ PMBoK7 Study Guide as a further resource to consolidate their learning and prepare for the examination.

We fully appreciate that learners are individuals and as such they all learn differently. By providing the delivery of face-to-face/virtual workshops and webinars, e-learning resources and the APM PMQ Study Guide text we are ensuring learners have every possible opportunity to engage with the required learning in their preferred style.

By nature of being an apprentice, our learners are expected to apply the knowledge gained through the APM PMQ learning back in their workplace. This elapsed time enables learners to develop an appreciation of how and why things happen within their organisation related to aspects of the project management discipline.

Learners are supported throughout their apprenticeship by a dedicated GKA Development Coach who offers guidance and advice on the application of the APM PMQ knowledge in the workplace.

Apprenticeship Pathways:

Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship Pathway

Would you like to start your own Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship? We can talk you through the process, answer any further questions you have and start the process immediately.


APM PMQ Syllabus - Body of Knowledge 7th ed

Technical Competencies

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