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L4 Unified Communications Troubleshooter

Job Profile

The primary responsibility of a Unified Communications Trouble Shooter is to provide customers (internal or external) with a specialist technical service to set them up on unified communications systems and to resolve problems when they arise. This service can be delivered face-to-face, on the ‘phone or online. They are required to install equipment and software and handle incidents and requests for help, including providing fault diagnostic across a broad range of unified communications technologies in accordance with business service level agreements.

Typical Job Roles:

  • Unified Communications Desk Engineer
  • Unified Communications Field Engineer
  • Data Field Engineer
  • Voice Field Engineer
  • Microsoft Support Field Engineer
  • Microsoft Consultant

Apprenticeship Pathways:

Generic - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

Cisco - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

Microsoft - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

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Individual Course Breakdown

Technical Competencies

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