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L4 Unified Communications Troubleshooter

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Role Profile

The primary responsibility of a Unified Communications Trouble Shooter is to provide customers (internal or external) with a specialist technical service to set them up on unified communications systems and to resolve problems when they arise. This service can be delivered face-to-face, on the ‘phone or online. They are required to install equipment and software and handle incidents and requests for help, including providing fault diagnostic across a broad range of unified communications technologies in accordance with business service level agreements.

Unified Communications Troubleshooter Knowledge & Skills Taught:

As with all of our level 3 & 4 apprenticeships, you are not required to have any pre-requisite grades or skills. The purposes is to upskill the individual to the point of industry level competency within the given time period, whilst working within the field. Apprenticeships are a fusion of learning theory and applied experience, to produce applicable competency within a given field.


  • Can congure and troubleshoot voice solutions including hardware and software failures
  • Can install, congure and troubleshoot Data solutions including switches and access points
  • Can install, congure and troubleshoot Network Services solutions including line faults and internet speed problems
  • Congures and maintains a domain service including assigning services, deploying software and applying updates
  • Congures and maintains a network including selecting appropriate network components and applying networking fundamentals
  • Congures and maintains security principles covering software, access, encryption and auditing
  • Congures and maintains servers including storage, print services, group policy and updates
  • Congures and maintains client software, including managing user proles and troubleshooting user issues


  • Understands server administration principles including storage, print services, group policy, availability, load balancing, failover clustering, back-up and disaster recovery
  • Understands the server and client architecture, features, deployment process and troubleshooting tools for client software and applications
  • Understands security principles including software, access such as VPN, encryption and auditing
  • Understands network fundamentals including network components and internet protocols
  • Understands network services solutions including cloud services, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), internet connectivity, mobility, xed lines and hosted solutions
  • Understands domain services including administration, user and service accounts and group policy
  • Understands voice solutions and can identify the components of such a solution, the features, the deployment process and troubleshooting tools and techniques
  • Understands data solutions (LAN/WAN/WLAN), the dierences between the dierent technologies and how the components form part of a solution


  • Logical and creative thinking skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and to take responsibility
  • Can use own initiative
  • A thorough and organised approach
  • Ability to work with a range of internal and external people
  • Ability to communicate eectively in a variety of situations
  • Maintain productive, professional and secure working environment

Typical Job Roles:

  • Unified Communications Desk Engineer
  • Unified Communications Field Engineer
  • Data Field Engineer
  • Voice Field Engineer
  • Microsoft Support Field Engineer
  • Microsoft Consultant

Apprenticeship Pathways:

These are the courses roadmaps. It is a portion of the work which will follow through the entirity of the apprenticeship course. With on the job experience, and off-the-job learning rounding out in the rest of the training.

Generic - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

Cisco - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

Microsoft - Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship Pathway

Unified Communications Technician Courses:

All relevant courses within your selected pathway, for yourself or your employee, can be found below.

GK Essential Skills (Generic Only)

Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (Cisco Only)

CompTIA Network+ Support Skills (CompTIA and Microsoft)

The GKA Way

CompTIA Server+ (Generic Only)

CompTIA Security+

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Microsoft Only)

Microsofter Azure Administrator (Microsoft Only)

Managing Microsoft Teams

Would you like to start your own Unified Communications Troubleshooter Apprenticeship? We can talk you through the process, answer any further questions you have and start the process immediately.


Technical Competencies

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