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Success Stories

Formed in 2005 and with a real need within the apprenticeship space for high quality, bespoke apprenticeship programmes, our consultative approach enables us to ensure that your business realises the potential that apprenticeships can bring and learners have the best possible experience.

“GKA have added agreat amount of value into our programme. We work with them as a partner, it's not a supplier/client relationship as you would normally expect.”

How we can help your organisations:

  • Levy Consultancy & Programme Management
  • Provide strategic advice on skills development
  • Support businesses through the apprenticeship development process
  • Simplify the complexities of apprenticeship funding ensuring it is driven back in to the business
  • Offer ongoing consultancy for forward planning and programme development


“GKA are a significant help around the assessment and verification, and have also made the recruitment process much easier”
As a division of Global Knowledge, GK Apprenticeships have a wide capability range around the delivery of Apprenticeship’s that include specific professional training programmes. Other than the technical expertise required in some of the digital and IT based pathways, we also develop and deliver soft skills training specific to each client requirement to ensure your apprentices have the best content and best pathway for their respective roles within your organisation.

GKA are a Pearson, City & Guilds and EAL approved centre for the delivery of the following vocational qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks and standards:

Who we are and what we stand for - the GKA Process: An Apprenticeship Partnership

GK Apprenticeships are passionate about the value of apprenticeships in developing the skills needed by today’s businesses.  Choosing apprenticeships to deliver the skills your business needs is an important business decision, done well it can lead to big business benefits. Finding the right framework or standard and the right people takes experience, which is something we have developed not just for the past 12 years of working with some of the UK’s largest businesses as a provider, but something that stems from our background with over 70 years of combined experience in the corporate space.
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